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Saturday, March 2, 2019

Welcome to the Tower of Awesome

Hello, thank you for visiting.

My Name is David Boston.  I am the creative arm of the Tower of Awesome.  While I hope to one day climb the physical Tower of Awesome, for now I must metaphorically reference the Tower as my Awesome climb or journey to starting something greater than I thought I was capable of doing.  For now, I must embody the Tower of Awesome as a man who will do what it takes to help youth in my area have a Awesome youth experience in the outdoors.  From creating Awesome youth camps and programs, to volunteering to support local youth organizations to actually participating in those camps, I will do whatever it takes to help the youth connect with nature.

I will be chairing a two day 10-11 year old camp for 100 youth, and a 6 day 12-18 year old camp for 600 youth.  I will be attending both events as the program chair and MC.  I will also attend as a leader a 8-10 year old 3 day, day camp, a 3 day 15-18 year old young men's camp, a 3 day 15-18 year old young women's camp, a 3 day 11-18 year old young women's camp, and I will be helping with various other youth programs, dances, mud races, etc. 

Obviously you can see that my life is pretty awesome.  All this and I still try to excel in my career as a work at home mom to some of the world's largest corporations.  I think this all means that if I were to re-organize my life, I could have the time and stamina to start something amazing that will allow me to work with youth and spend time with my family.  Whew!  That was exhausting just talking about it, but the work continues...

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